Three Blogs You Should Be Reading About Public Relations

16 Apr
An important part of completing and conquering and completing your career goals are actually performing thorough research to better educate yourself on your field of choice. To help you out just a little there are a few blogs out there that can help you with your research so take the time to check them out.
Worchester Student Life provided us with an interview with an experienced professional in both the practitioner and the teaching field of public relations. This interview equips us with a further look into the different aspects of public relations.
RachMariePr gives us a lengthy yet useful blog from a young public relations intern standpoint. She takes the time to explain to us three things about working for a non-profit public relations group. She also hands over a few tips that may help you become a little more successful with your public relations attempts.
Lindsay Olsen is an experienced professional within the field of public relations who has been racking up years of experience since 1997. Within this blog she gives us a further look into what a graduating student with a degree in public relations can do with their newly earned degree. It’s perfect to help steer you in the correct way while creating your career goals.  

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